Our Process


Who We Are

We design, manufacture and install customer-specific systems that convert expensive and environmentally detrimental waste into energy-rich materials.

Our Mission

To save businesses money and reduce environmental footprints by converting waste produce into energy.


Our Vision

To provide unique systems that enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and be more profitable.


The process is simple and efficient

The process follows 4 simple steps;


1)  Waste matter, such as:

  • Agricultural, organic or food industry waste
  • Plastics or waste matter from plastic-based manufacturing
  • Wood, timber composites or wood-based waste

… are automatically sorted, dried and processed into pellets


2)  The pellets are fed into an oxygen-free kiln where they deconstruct.


3)  The gasses produced are cooled and washed to power the process and either contribute to the fuelling of the entire site or are stored (possibly as liquid fuel).


4)  A residual energy-rich carbon material known as ‘biochar’ is collected for future use either to power the process, sell-on and/or contribute to the overall site power demand.

The benefits for your business…

The savings in waste disposal expenditure and the net contribution to fuel costs (plus Government incentives) make the installation self-liquidating over a relatively short period.


Once the system is up and running effectively, you’ll profit day-after-day.


Not only will your business benefit but so will the planet and your organisation’s immediate locality will profit immediately and indefinitely.

Finally the results that help your business and the environment!

You owe it to your organisation’s operational efficiency, all your stakeholders, your neighbours and the planet to find out more about the difference Pryogen could make to your operations.


A precise, comprehensive Technical Assessment and Viability Study are available, giving specific detail about the benefits that will accrue in your particular circumstances.

Like what you see?

Let us help your business reduce its carbon footprint all while reducing waste management costs. Get in touch and start saving your company money, and make a difference to the environment!