Recycling Crisis

Recycling has become a key part of everyday life, but should we start to consider the potential impact our recycled waste may have on the existing global problem of plastic pollution?

Journalist, Lucy Siegle is an expert on ethical living and recently discussed the issue in an article which highlights the detrimental effects our plastic footprint is having on our society and the environment.

As far as our daily recycling habits are concerned, the act of reusing an item multiple times could take the pressure off recycling services, as well as resulting in a decrease in the use of toxic plastics.

As we all know, a lot of plastic that gets processed through recycling centres is practically indestructible. Therefore, reusing plastic items to get more value out of them is a way to tackle the issues.

By reusing plastic products, we are taking responsibility for our plastic footprint. It’s one of the areas of our plastic life where we can use our own judgment, without outside interference.

Some of the advantages of reducing, reusing, and recycling:

  • Environmental benefits – recycling business waste means less goes to landfill and therefore there is less overall harm to the environment.
  • Business reputation – you can attract new customers, enhance your chances of winning contracts and improve customer loyalty by demonstrating your environmental responsibility through recycling efforts.
  • Reducing waste costs – managing and handling waste is costly. Reducing the amount of waste you send directly to landfill can bring large savings on landfill tax.
  • Meeting legal obligations – businesses in some industries have a legal responsibility for the disposal of specific products. Ensuring compliance through recycling schemes means avoiding penalties, fines or worse.
  • Saving energy – producing some recycled products e.g. aluminium, uses far less energy than making straight from raw materials.

At Pyrogen we aim to deliver an effective process that helps to reduce environmental footprints by converting waste produce into energy. We provide your business with unique systems that enable you to reduce your own carbon footprint and be more profitable.